Practical Situational Awareness Training and Personal Safety Skills for Everyone

Violent encounters take only seconds and are over faster than it takes police to respond. Wouldn’t it be better to avoid confrontation in the first place?

Our personal safety training is a preventative/proactive program that teaches you how to use situational awareness to navigate your surroundings, and avoid conflict by exposing criminals and their tactics. You will learn real world safety skills that help you avoid potentially threatening situations and you will know how to respond in stressful situations.

We’ve trained everyone with our easy to follow, step by step programs – from teenagers to corporate security directors of large corporations and hospitals. We also offer targeted training for realtors, property managers, hospital staff, lone workers, and travelers.

Our safety training is used and trusted by security directors of large corporations, the U.S. Court System, universities, and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

We Help You Develop a Personal Safety Plan

To avoid threats and predators, our courses teach you to have a self-defense mindset so you can be your own first responder. You’ll learn about:
  • The body language and verbal defenses that instantly repel most criminals.
  • Recognize pre-attack body indicators of a potential attacker and learn common criminal tactics.
  • Safety tips for parking lots, running paths, stairwells, elevators, gas stations and other fringe areas.
  • Basic self-defense techniques and simple intuitive moves.
  • Personal protective hardware that’s right for you.
  • De-escalation skills and situational awareness training.

“Preparedness results in clear thinking when you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Remember, “It’s better to have the skills and not need them, than need the skills and not have them!”

Beth Warford, founder of Pretty Loaded

we make it easy

These Skills Could Save Your Life

Situational Awareness For Parents

Personal Safety for You and Your Family

Our training and resources are ideal for anyone concerned about their own personal safety and the ones they love, whether you are a parent or guardian of a child in grade school, teenager, or college student.

Situational Awareness For Parents
Situational Awareness For Travelers

Personal Safety for Travelers

Do you know what the safest floors to stay in a hotel are?
Is walking in the middle of a crowd or the edge of a crowd safer?

Whether it’s just you or your family, business or pleasure, you’ll want to reference our travel safety awareness resources and courses before you take your next trip. You’ll learn about:

  • Transportation and hotel safety.
  • Why becoming the “grey man or woman” in a crowd is so critical.
  • How to identify “fringe areas” where crimes are more likely to happen.

Safety Training for Groups and Corporate Wellness

Training your employees on situational awareness greatly enhances the overall security of your company. We can provide training at your location or deliver it virtually. You may also purchase our “train the trainer” program that comes with a facilitator guide, available in English or Spanish. Delivery is also available in SCORM format or via our online platform.

Situational Awareness For Travelers

Realtor and Property Manager Safety Training

Agents and property managers are twice as likely as the public to be assaulted. Our situational awareness and personal safety training, designed for these high-risk jobs, helps them feel more in control and gives them an action plan to stay safe.

Pretty Loaded Safety training is a certified Real Estate school and certified course in the state of Connecticut (3 CE’s).

Empowered Clients

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. We recently used your online training program during our annual safety training for our clerical staff. Your videos were informative and illustrate the importance of situational awareness. Our clerks found the training empowering and they gained confidence in their ability to avoid situations before they occur. Again, this is an outstanding program and I would highly recommend your program for men and women, regardless of their occupation.”


Brian E. Kilgore

U.S. Probation Officer, Special Offender Specialist, LFI, United States Court System

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